[Rasch] Professional services firm seeks associates for survey development and analysis of survey and test data

Joe Albano jalbano at logika-usa.com
Fri Jan 7 06:45:09 EST 2011

Dear colleagues, 

I operate a business consulting firm that provides services in leadership
development and coaching, strategy formation and execution, organizational
design and development, and a variety of other business services. As my
practice is growing, I am being presented with an increasing number of
opportunities to develop and evaluate various surveys and instruments,
including employee surveys and professional attainment tests used for
industry certification.

I am interested in expanding my practice in this area, but need additional
capabilities-both in terms of deep knowledge of Rasch and other analysis
methods and in personnel able to perform the actual analysis. Thus, I am
seeking associates on a revenue sharing basis. This work can be performed on
a remote basis. 

If you are interested, please contact me using the information provided

Joe Albano


Logika International, LLC 

jalbano at logika-usa.com


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