[Rasch] the number of subjects

Parisa Daftari Fard pdaftaryfard at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 16:14:13 EST 2011

Dear List members,
I have a question and I hope to have your help. In any research with any kind of analysis the number of subjects should be logical to find more reliable results. I know, based on what is mentioned in www.winsteps.com , using Rasch the number of subjects will increase generalizability of our finding to other situation. 
I wonder, if there is any formula to consider the number of variables when we decide about the number of subjects. having  300 subjects is great but for how many variables? 
I appreciate your help in advance.
Parisa Daftarifard
PhD student of TEFL
Islamic University of Azad (Science and Research)

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