[Rasch] Reference to Rasch robustness

Stuart Luppescu slu at ccsr.uchicago.edu
Sun Jul 17 09:37:24 EST 2011

Hello, can anyone point me at a reference showing that Rasch measures
are robust to violations of the ordinary assumptions, such as parallel
ICCs, local independence, etc.? I have a reviewer who is requiring dumb
tests like the Andersentest, the Fischer-Scheiblecher test and the
Martin Löftest. I would love to be able to show something published that
says these are not necessary. 

Thanks in advance.
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 Tradition among experienced S programmers has always been that loops
(typically 'for' loops) are intrinsically inefficient: expressing
computations without loops has provided a measure of entry into the
inner circle of S programming. -- John Chambers Programming With Data,
p. 173 (1998) 

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