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Thanks to you (and Brian) for taking the initiative to make IOMW 2012  
happen. I have put April 11-12, 2012 on my calendar and look forward to  
attending. A trip to Vancouver sounds exciting. Let me know if there is any  
way I can help.

Mark H. Moulton, Ph.D.
Pythias Consulting & Educational Data Systems
Sunnyvale, CA
markhmoulton at gmail.com

On , Peter MacMillan <peterm at unbc.ca> wrote:
> Hello All,

> IOMW has normally taken place every two years just prior to AERA. As the  
> last IOMW took place in Boulder Colorado in 2010 the next expected IOMW  
> would be in Vancouver in 2012. I have been making inquires of individuals  
> in the Rasch community since Boulder in 2010; I have been unable to  
> locate any group that claims the organization of IOMW or IOMW itself as  
> their own. Although I was unable to attend the Rasch SIG meeting AERA  
> 2011, I understand the matter was raised but there was no discussion that  
> resolved anything. I see no reference to IOMW on any of the Rasch related  
> websites. The www.Rasch.org site does not list it as occurring prior to  

> As Vancouver BC is in my region (I am north of Vancouver), the  
> organization of this conference seems a natural to me. Brian Bontempo  
> (lives south of Vancouver) and I had discussed this at the Rasch  
> conference in Denmark (Probabilistic models for measurement in education,  
> psychology, social science and health, FUHU Conference Center) in June  
> 2010. We had agreed that time that we would jointly organize this  
> conference IOMW 2012 in Vancouver. At that time Brian extended a verbal  
> invite to all present during the closing remarks of the conference.  
> However Brian and I have not discussed the conference since that time. I  
> will ask Brian to respond.

> While this seems to be an odd way to go about this, as there appears to  
> be no visible group claiming responsibility for IOMW, and no discussion  
> of the conference, I will initiate the planning of IOMW 2012 in Vancouver  
> BC for the dates of April 11-12, 2012. I will begin making inquires about  
> location based on a conference similar to IOMW 2010 ie, room size,  
> availability etc. I know that IOMW is low budget so that I will take that  
> into consideration. I am pursuing several options for some funding  
> assistance. The physical location only one of many aspects of a  
> conference and perhaps a very minor one. The organization of themes,  
> types of presentations, the call for submissions, the review and  
> selection of submissions, and scheduling of sessions are some of the many  
> tasks that lay ahead.

> This conference will require the expertise and assistance of many  
> individuals more experienced than me. If you have been involved with IOMW  
> before and wish to offer your expertise please let me know via return  
> email. If you are new to this and wish to work on the conference also  
> please let me know. If by chance you are part of a group that feels  
> an "ownership" of IOMW and that you have been left out of the decision  
> making, I would be very interested in hearing your concerns. As IOMW is  
> not strictly Education (ie AERA, Rasch SIG) please forward this email to  
> other groups that have traditionally been involved.

> Cheers,

> Peter

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