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I am happy to provide some assistance in organizing the conference.  
Meaningful Measurement will also commit 500 US to help with costs.
Donna Surges  Tatum, PhD, CAE
3170 North Sheridan Road #1008
Chicago, Illinois  60657

773.404.6589 phone
312.286.6227 cell

_www.meaningfulmeasurement.com_ (http://www.meaningfulmeasurement.com/) 
_www.ncbac.net_ (http://www.ncbac.net/) 

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Thank  you Peter for taking the mantle. MetaMetrics will commit 2500 US to  
organization costs. Please forward mailing instructions.  Best.  Jack

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Subject: [Rasch] IOME 2012  VANCOUVER

Hello All,
IOMW has normally taken place  every two years just prior to AERA. As the 
last IOMW took place in Boulder  Colorado in 2010 the next expected IOMW 
would be in Vancouver in 2012.   I have been making inquires of individuals in 
the Rasch community since  Boulder in 2010; I have been unable to locate any 
group that claims the  organization of IOMW or IOMW itself as their own. 
Although I was unable to  attend the Rasch SIG meeting AERA 2011, I understand 
the matter was raised but  there was no discussion that resolved anything. I 
see no reference to IOMW on  any of the Rasch related websites. The 
www.Rasch.org site does not list it as  occurring prior to AERA.
As Vancouver BC is in my region (I  am north of Vancouver), the 
organization of this conference seems a natural to  me. Brian Bontempo (lives south of 
Vancouver) and I had discussed this at the  Rasch conference in Denmark 
(Probabilistic models for measurement in  education, psychology, social science 
and health, FUHU Conference Center) in  June 2010. We had agreed that time 
that we would jointly organize this  conference IOMW 2012 in Vancouver. At 
that time Brian extended a verbal invite  to all present during the closing 
remarks of the conference. However Brian and  I have not discussed the 
conference since that time. I will ask Brian to  respond.
While this seems to be an odd way to go about this,  as there appears to be 
no visible group claiming responsibility for IOMW, and  no discussion of 
the conference, I will initiate the planning of IOMW 2012 in  Vancouver BC for 
the dates of April 11-12, 2012. I will begin making inquires  about 
location based on a conference similar to IOMW 2010 i.e., room size,  availability 
etc. I know that IOMW is low budget so that I will take that into  
consideration. I am pursuing several options for some funding assistance. The  
physical location only one of many aspects of a conference and perhaps a very  
minor one. The organization of themes, types of presentations, the call for  
submissions, the review and selection of submissions, and scheduling of  
sessions are some of the many tasks that lay ahead. 
This  conference will require the expertise and assistance of many 
individuals more  experienced than me. If you have been involved with IOMW before 
and wish to  offer your expertise please let me know via return email. If you 
are new to  this and wish to work on the conference also please let me know. 
If by chance  you are part of a group that feels an "ownership" of IOMW and 
that you have  been left out of the decision making, I would be very 
interested in hearing  your concerns. As IOMW is not strictly Education (i.e. 
AERA, Rasch SIG) please  forward this email to other groups that have 
traditionally been  involved.

Peter D. MacMillan,  PhD, Associate Professor 
Chair (Education Graduate programs)  School  of Education: 
Cross Appointment with Community Health Science Program  
University of Northern British Columbia
TAL 10-4026, 3333 University  Way
Prince George BC V2N 4Z9 CANADA
TEL 250.960.5828 FAX  250.960.5536

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