[Rasch] Facet parameter separability

Stuart Luppescu slu at ccsr.uchicago.edu
Fri Jun 17 08:15:21 EST 2011

Fellow Raschies, I'm doing an analysis of teacher quality based on
classroom observations using Facets. One of the measurement facets is
the grade level of the classroom. An interesting, unexpected result of
the analysis is that among the grades, 4th grade has the highest
difficulty by far. One of my colleagues has suggested that since 4th
grade if furthest away from one of the main accountability grades (3, 6,
8) the principals are likely to put their worst teachers in that grade.

I thought that because of the separability of the estimation of the
parameters, the distribution of person measures should not effect the
item (or whatever facet) difficulties. And, in fact, the teacher
measures for the 4th grade teachers are much *higher* than for the other

I would appreciate it if someone could explain how this could be.
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