[Rasch] GPCM - number of threshold-parameters and number of response-categories

Mike Linacre (RMT) rmt at rasch.org
Thu Mar 10 09:53:25 EST 2011


Sorry, can't help, but on the first page of 
http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/MiscPsycho/MiscPsycho.pdf it says 
that Harold Doran is the maintainer of MiscPsycho.

How about emailing him?

Mike L.

At 3/9/2011, you wrote:
>i want to use R to estimate ability-levels for a given generalized partial 
>credit model. There is a function to do so called irt.ability() from the 
>package MiscPsycho. As argument, i give the observed response-pattern as 
>well as the item-parameters of the model. ......

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