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Thank you for your question, Juanito.

For some of the basic Rasch-model assumptions, please see Dr. Reinhold 
Hatzinger's PDF, page 10.

Since each assumption can be violated in numerous ways, there are many 
different tests of those assumptions. The numerous fit tests in Winsteps 
are parameter-level tests of the assumptions.

If you are interested in rigorous global tests of Rasch assumptions, then 
CMLE-based software is more suitable than Winsteps. For CMLE software, 
please see www.rasch.org/software.htm . Many explicit tests of the 
assumptions are described in Fischer and Molenaar's book, "Rasch Models: 
Foundations, Recent Developments and Applications".


Mike L.

At 3/20/2011, you wrote:
>Can you suggest a reference that deals with the assumptions of Rasch 
>Model?.  How to test the assumptions using Winsteps?

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