[Rasch] Measuring NCAA basketball

Patrick B. Fisher pfisher at SportsMeasures.com
Tue Mar 22 04:11:35 EST 2011

Good day to all of my Rasch colleagues around the world,

I usually keep these kind of questions private between Mike Linacre and 
myself. However, I'm curious to see what other possibilities may lie 
within the many great minds of this fantastic intellectual community!

As some of you know, I create rulers to measure athletic performance on 
the field and court and even the fairways! I include various facets to 
help define the performance as accurately as possible. Another facet I'm 
considering adding to better understand the performance of college 
basketball teams is one that will define in which part of the season the 
game being measured is being played.

For example,

0 = non-conference game
1 = conference game
2 = post-regular season conference tourney
3 = NIT Tournament
4 = NCAA Tournament

Just to give you the full picture, I use the Facets software and the 
following facets in my model statement:
1 = Team A
2 = Team B (my analysis is a paired comparison)
3 = Home/away/neutral
4 = Team A conference - I include this as a facet because there is a 
clear hierarchy to the quality of play in the conferences.
5 = Game result rating scale for victory/loss

I have a few seasons of data compiled and can easily run different 
analyses to compare methods. I am interested in getting input from any 
angle. For those of you who would like to see what I've done recently, 
here is a link to my website: SportsMeasures 

Thanks in advance!

Patrick B. Fisher
Executive Director
209-920-PREP (7737)

Contact Me Linkedin 

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