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Thank you for your responses, Mike, Trevor and Andrew.

Mike, I will look at the following terms in the help of Winsteps:  UIMEAN=, USCALE=, and 

By the way, some of my colleagues are asking if Winsteps can do also two and three parameters IRT.  Is winsteps intended only for one parameter IRT (Rasch Model)?

Thank you.

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The Rasch person measures (thetas) usually have a range from about -5 to
+5 logits. Do you want the Rasch person measures to have the range 10-40?
This may be helpful to your audience. If so, the conversion factors are
given in Winsteps Table 20.1. You can enter them into your Winsteps
control file with UIMEAN=  and USCALE=. If you also specify
UDECIM=0, then the Rasch measures are reported as integers, and so look
similar to raw scores.


Mike L.

At 3/27/2011, you wrote:

I am using a four-point response
options(1 to 4) to measure a latent (say, work performance) with 10
items.  In CTT, one can use the total score to represent the
"global score" such that the lowest is 10 and the highest is
40.  Can you advise me the Rasch counterpart for such score?  I
am using Winsteps.
Mike Linacre

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