[Rasch] Scoring in Rasch Analysis

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Winsteps performs Rasch analysis (including the dichotomous Rasch model 
=1-PL IRT model).

Winsteps also reports estimates of 2-PL item discrimination, 3-PL item 
lower asymptote (guessing) and 4-PL item upper asymptote (carelessness), 
but does not use those estimates to adjust the person measures (thetas).

Mike L.

At 3/28/2011, you wrote:
>Thank you for your responses, Mike, Trevor and Andrew.
>Mike, I will look at the following terms in the help of 
>Winsteps:  UIMEAN=, USCALE=, and UDECIM=0.
>By the way, some of my colleagues are asking if Winsteps can do also two 
>and three parameters IRT.  Is winsteps intended only for one parameter IRT 
>(Rasch Model)?
>Thank you.

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