[Rasch] [adultdevel] Re: Reflections on late ego stages, MHC and dialectical reasoning

Bond, Trevor trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au
Thu May 19 05:28:26 EST 2011

Depends how the items are scored...

On 19/05/11 4:51 AM, "Michael Lamport Commons" <commons at tiac.net> wrote:

 It would be nice to see a Rasch scaling of the items on the WSCT or at least the scores to each item x the item.

 The Rasch list may have a way of doing this.  Let us say there are x items.  To each item there are open ended answers that then get scored for stage ranging from 5 to 13.  How does one get a Rasch score for item?  Just the normal way?

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 On 5/18/2011 1:23 PM, Thomas Jordan wrote:

15 maj 2011 kl. 20.52 skrev Michael Lamport Commons:

What I think you are proposing meets transitivity and nothing else.


 It says you have to build the higher order tasks out of the lower order ones.


 I do not advocate building a pyramid with 3 strong sides and one out of a mixture of sand and clay.


Dear Michael,

I believe your orientation is strongly nomothetical and deductive, where the development of stringent theory is a central goal.

Loevinger's framework is a result of inductive research. Such research is strong in identifying new patterns in empirical data and generating new hypotheses, but generally weak in theoretical stringency and often also weak in providing well-founded explanations for patterns.

I am also more inclined towards openended inductive research. If I see an intriguing pattern in the data, I get interested and want to explore more, and perhaps eventually finding an explanation for the pattern. It does not trouble me at all that the interesting patterns found in interviews or other data don't seem to be amenable to stringent theory building. I still am interested in trying to make sense of them.

So again, I think we will have to conclude that the interests and frameworks in this field sometimes diverge so fundamentally that we will not reach agreement on what questions to ask, and what kinds of answers are legitimate and interesting. But the conversation is useful anyway :-).

/ Thomas


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