[Rasch] Why Rasch?

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Here are a couple of reasons from me, Mike.

The first thing that attracted me to the Rasch model was the separability of the parameters, then their sample independence and then, what has become the most important reason, the ability to report results on qualitatively described scales or the identification of levels of the variable.

I would like to ask Anthony what was the reason he used the Rasch model in the first place because although it is possible to give reasons valid in all circumstances, one should focus on what is most relevant.


Andrew Stephanou


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Thank you for that question, Anthony, but it is very broad ....

Folks, how about each of us responding with one reason why Rasch is used in preference to other methodologies.

Let me go first ... with the very first reason that introduced me to Rasch analysis: its ability to extract simple meaning from complicated messy data.

Mike L.

At 11/8/2011, you wrote:
Reviewers of a journal have asked me to provide reasons why I have used Rasch model for validating a questionnaire and not other methods. Can you please tell me what should be written when one is asked such a question?

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