[Rasch] Why Rasch?

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Hi all,
I would suggest taking a preemptive strike against reviewers.  Instead of allowing them the opportunity to shoot down your methodology and ask "why didn't you use [method X] instead?", I try to take the offensive and "talk up" the numerous advantages of Rasch models and how they can provide unique insights that other methods cannot right from the start. Usually, the evidence is plenty sufficient that reviewers don't even have to inquire why you didn't do something else. I think this is especially important if you're trying to publish a paper in a field where most of your reviewers will be limited in their exposure to Rasch and tempted to cling to traditional methodologies.  

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Dear all,
Reviewers of a journal have asked me to provide reasons why I have used Rasch model for validating a questionnaire and notother methods. Can you please tell me what should be written when one is asked such a question? 
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