[Rasch] Why Rasch?

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I am not familiar with Wolf & Smith (2007) and Messick's validation framework.  Someone else may answer your question.

For what concerns "the ability to report results on qualitatively described scales or the identification of levels of the variable" you may have a look at these two references:

  Barnard, M. E., Stephanou, A., Urbach, D. (2007). ASG Report on Student Social and Emotional Health A research project conducted by ACER. Australian Scholarship Group, Melbourne, Australia.  Available on line at: http://www.asg.com.au/socialemotional (http://www.asg.com.au/Assets/Files/ASG_Student_Social_Emotional_Health_Report_Full.pdf)
  Stephanou, A. (2000). Using the Rasch Model to Study Large Scale Physics Examinations in Australia.  In M. Wilson and G. Engelhard, G. jr (Eds.), Objective Measurement-theory into practice -Volume 5, (Chapter 4, pp 65-94).  Stamford, CO: Ablex Publishing Corp.

William Fisher's recent observations on the MBC list are also useful.
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.......      Too many Rasch applications remain primarily numerical, with little or no thought given to the meaning of what is measured, much less to the development of a theory of the construct. Wright maps are a primary tool for creating meaning in measurement, and will be increasingly used as measurement theory and practice continue to improve.
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Andrew Stephanou
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Thank you Andrew for your reply. It's very helpful.
The reason why I chose Rasch model was the nice map that Wolf & Smith (2007) have established between its different analyses and Messick's validation framework. Can this be considered a reason?
BTW, I did not understand what you ment by "the ability to report results on qualitatively described scales or the identification of levels of the variable".


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