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What do you mean?  Which scenario has good information?

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More, good information is always better that less, good information, Juanito.

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We are using Rasch model to develop our test questionnaire.  The end goal of our tests is to compute scores.  Assuming that after Rasch analysis using n=400 students, I arrived a math test questionnaire consisted of 50 items.  I will now administer the questionaire to another students (say 200) and then compute the scores for each of the students.  Two scenarios:
>Scenario 1: Using n=400, I will save the person measures and item measures, then use such values to compute the scores of the 200 students.
>Scenario 2:  I will not use any values from the previous analysis.  Instead, I will just use the data obtained from the 200 students then run directly the winsteps.
>Question:  Which scenario is the best practice in using Rasch Analysis?
>Your comments are very important.
>Thank you.
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