[Rasch] Logit value in Residuals file output in FACETS

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Thu Sep 22 18:13:13 EST 2011

Thank you for your questions, Imogene.

The Facets residual file shows two logit values.
1. "Logit" is the sum of the element logit measures hypothesized to 
generate the observation. These produce the Expected observation.
2. "Displacement" is an estimate of the logit deviance of the observation 
from the expected observation.

So, an estimate of the "logit score for the student on the station for that 
examiner" is "Logit" + "Displacement".


Mike L.

At 9/22/2011, Imogene Rothnie wrote:

>This is a basic question for FACETS users. I have run a Facets analysis of 
>an OSCE station (12 stations ) with facets of examinee, station and examiner.
>The measure file gives me an overall logit measure for each examinee for 
>the whole assessment.
>Am I correct in reading the logit measures that are produced in the 
>residual/response file for each examinee on each station as the logit 
>score for the student on that station?
>How do these then relate to the overall logit measure for the student on 
>the assessment?

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