[Rasch] Facets feature or bug?

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You are using a "minimum effort" judging plan.
1. Each students answers several questions.
2. Each question is rated once
3. Each question for each student is rated by a different rater.

The result is a "crossed" (=connected) design. There is no nesting.

Facets (or any other Rasch analysis) can estimate the Rasch measures of all 
the students, questions and raters unambiguously in one frame of reference.

This is also shown at http://www.rasch.org/rn3.htm Figure A.8 and 
elsewhere. And thank you, Trevor :-)


Mike L.

At 4/2/2012, you wrote:
>I am running a "typical" scenario where I have markers who mark the 
>responses of students to a test. The markers do not see the whole test, 
>but only individual questions. We do NOT have double marking. So, lets say 
>that we have 1000 students, each one responding to 10 questions. In 
>effect, we have 10.000 responses. Lets say that each one of the 10.000 
>responses is randomly sent once to one marker. We have 20 markers in total.

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