[Rasch] Facets feature or bug?

Bond, Trevor trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au
Tue Apr 3 05:40:05 EST 2012

Dear Jason
Each Q is marked just once; but
A. But each examinee might have UP TO 10 judges
(if examinees wrote just ONE Q, you would be unable to run this in Facets)
BUT they write 10...randomly allocated to up to 10 of 20 judges.

B. Each examiner might mark UP to 500 students

And I can't tell from your specs if examiners specialize in any Q
C. If not, each examiner might grade up to 10 diff Qs

There are more than enough links there so that ALL, items, examinees and
judges are held in the same reference.

A rating plan would be nice; double marking might help
BUT the probability of a completely crosslinked data set here is quite high.


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