[Rasch] Damon Workshop, Friday Morning, Vancouver

Mark Moulton markhmoulton at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 06:07:05 EST 2012

Dear Rasch Colleagues,

I have arranged a room for a workshop at Vancouver on how to install and
run Damon, an open-source package for analyzing highly multidimensional
datasets subject to Rasch-like objectivity criteria.  Please drop me an
email if you want to attend:

What:  Damon Workshop

When:  Friday, April 13, 2012, 8:30 am - 12 pm

Where:  Vancouver Public Library (same building as IOMW), 350 West Giorgia
Street, "Board Breakout Room".

Why:  Add a tool for analyzing highly multidimensional datasets to your
psychometric toolbox.

Who:  Mark H. Moulton, Ph.D.

Email: markhmoulton at gmail.com

Website:  www.pythiasconsulting.com

Cost:  Free to attend, free software

Maximum:  15 participants

What to Bring:  Bring a laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux), either with Python /
Numpy / Damon pre-installed (see website for download info) or not.  Python
is an open-source programming language.  Numpy is its separate numerical
package.  Cool users also get iPython and matplotlib (for interactive
computing and charting), or they purchase the Enthought
Distribution<http://www.enthought.com/products/getepd.php> (which
has everything except Damon and simplifies installation a lot), but I'm not
going to try those installs during the workshop.  Instead of
pre-installing, you can also just wait and we will do the installs at the
workshop together, either by stick or internet.  All software is free.  You
can also just sit and ask questions.

Programming Chops:  Not much required.  Damon is run by creating simple
Python scripts (no GUI), but there aren't a lot of commands and they are
pretty well documented.

Thanks, hope you can make it.  See you at IOMW.

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