[Rasch] Facets feature or bug?

Iasonas Lamprianou liasonas at cytanet.com.cy
Tue Apr 3 15:44:21 EST 2012

Thank you, I think it is clearer now

Thanks to all of you for your time, 


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> Dear Jason
> Each Q is marked just once; but
> A. But each examinee might have UP TO 10 judges
> (if examinees wrote just ONE Q, you would be unable to run this in Facets)
> BUT they write 10...randomly allocated to up to 10 of 20 judges.
> B. Each examiner might mark UP to 500 students
> And I can't tell from your specs if examiners specialize in any Q
> C. If not, each examiner might grade up to 10 diff Qs
> There are more than enough links there so that ALL, items, examinees and
> judges are held in the same reference.
> A rating plan would be nice; double marking might help
> BUT the probability of a completely crosslinked data set here is quite high.
> Gottit?
> T
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