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Dear all, 
can anyone direct me to a paper which explains how to use Rasch measured reported by Facets to compare the results with G-theory estimates? For example, I can read in the Facets output the sd of item measures, the sd of rater measures and the sd of person measures. How can I produce an index which is similar to the variance attributed to markers as computed in generalizability theory? Or maybe this is not possible? A good search on the internet did not help me a lot, although I reached a paper by Macmillan (2000) which, unfortunately, I cannot have access.

Thank you for the coninuous support


Macmillan, P. D. (2000). Classical, Generalizability and Multifaceted Rasch detection of interrater variability in large, sparse sets. The Journal of Experimental Education, 68 (2), 167-190.

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