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We have an instrument for which the order of hierarchical complexity or 
an item predicts the Rasch item difficulty with an /r/ = . 984.  A 
person at A.C.E.R randomly took the test.  Here are her comments

Any  thoughts?
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Dear Andrew,
I’ve been working through some final checks of the three CCA assessments 
on our online system over the past week or two. While checking the 
sample reports generated, I found that randomly clicking on the buttons 
in the assessment was generating ‘Formal’ stage results. Considering 
that respondents must respond to each item, do you have any information 
about the validity of the results or is there a way of administrators 
being able to determine if a test taker was guessing the answers?
We thought that if the items have been linked to the stages (for 
example, if items 1 to 10 are linked to the Primary stage, items 11 to 
16 to the Concrete stage), then it may be possible to provide a second 
page to the report showing the client’s responses on a scale, which 
would indicate at what stage they began responding incorrectly.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.
Best wishes,

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