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The latest issue of the Journal of Applied Measurement (Vol. 13, No. 3) is available.  The contents of this issue are listed below.  If you have not seen the journal, sample copies are available on request.  Sample copies may be requested by e-mail.  Please address those requests to the editor.  If you think that your students would find the work published in JAM useful, we can also arrange for sample copies for your measurement classes.  Contact information for sample copies is listed below.  Please visit our web page at http://www.jampress.org for a complete list of articles published in JAM and the abstracts for the articles listed below.

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Vol. 13, No. 3, Fall 2012
The Development and Validation of the Core Competencies Scale (CCS) for the College and University Students
     Bin Ruan, Magdalena Mo Ching Mok, Christopher R. Edginton, and Ming Kai Chin
Fixed or Random Testlet Effects: A Comparison of Two Multilevel Testlet Models
     Tzu-An Chen
A Study of Rasch, Partial Credit, and Rating Scale Model Parameter Recovery in WINSTEPS and jMetrik
     J. Patrick Meyer and Emily Hailey
Cognitive Assessment in Mathematics with the Least Squares Distance Method
     Lin Ma, Emre Çetin, and Kathy E. Green
Using Rasch Measurement to Validate the Big Five Factor Marker Questionnaire for a Japanese University Population
     Matthew T. Apple and Peter Neff
An Applied Examination of Different Weighting Methods for the Root Expected Mean Square Difference and Root Mean Square Difference Indices
     Anne Corinne Huggins
Development and Validation of a Questionnaire to Evaluate Attitudes toward Family Medicine
     Francisco Escobar Rabadán, Jesús López-Torres Hidalgo, Julio Montoya Fernández, Juan M. Téllez Lapeira,
     Mª Aranzazu Romero Cebrián, and Juan M. Armero Simarro

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