[Rasch] EDUG or FACETS for the Generalizability analysis?

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Dear Mike, 
I just wanted to be sure that WINSTEP or FACETS would not have the capacity for doing generalizability studies as well as other known functionalities in Rasch Measuement. I knew that GENOVA, SAS, and EDUG could be used for generalizability analysis but I thought WINSTEP and FACETS might have such a componenet. 
Thanks for your caring, 
Mohamad Imanian 

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>Thank you for your question, Mohammad.
>EDUG and FACETS have different purposes. EDUG performs a Generalizability
Theory analysis. Facets performs a Rasch Measurement analysis. These two
analyses are different, and produce different results.
>Generalizability Theory conducts a Generalizability Study in which it
computes the variance terms in the raw scores. These variance terms can
be used to optimize a Decision Study.
>Rasch Measurement constructs additive measures based on the raw scores.
These measures are adjusted for rater leniency, item difficulty,
>Please see
for a comprehensive comparison of the two methodologies.
>Mike L.
>At 7/4/2012, you wrote:
>If you want to analyze the generalizability of a test, do you prefer to use EDUG Software program or the FACETS Program? Is there any difference in the results of our generalizability study using either software? 
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