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Great. Thanks. 


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>Dear Mohamad Imanian,
>A very simple answer:
>E.g., PISA data are analyse using multidimensional models: each subject strand forms one Rasch dimension and the separate dimensions are closely correlated but not the same dimension. The model estimates each of the dimensions and the relationships between them as well: the whole is more than the mere sum of its parts.
>Hope that helps
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>Dear Fabio, 
>>Maybe that is why I am confused. I searched the internet and it seems there is even a book on this topic: 
>>And alot of other links using the title of Multidimensiional Item Response Theory.
>>Thank you for the response 
>>Mohamad Imanian 
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>>>Hi Mohamad,
>>>are you sure that multidimensionality is an assumption of IRT models?
>>>Actually IRT models and the Rasch models do 
>>>assume that data are unidimensional and locally independent.
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>>>> Dear IRT Professionals, 
>>>> IRT is multidimensional per se. What is MIRT then? Multidimensional Item Response Theory???? The professionals familiar with the topic, please clarify the difference between the two and if possible help with the links to good online references. 
>>>> Best Wishes 
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