[Rasch] Rasch Model Analysis in the MINISTEP

Parisa Daftari Fard pdaftaryfard at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 25 05:31:24 EST 2012

Dear Stuart 
Dear AmirForget about harsh email like the one below; He did NOT have the right to disappoint you because you are just a beginner!. This list is really friendly and full of kind great people who would love to help. 
As a start, you may search www.winsteps.com There are lots of mini articles on ministep and winstep you can refer to. Also there are many classes on the topic suggested there. If you live in Iran. Dr. Baghai has held some classes on IRT in Tehran university. 
Fox and Bond is a great book and it includes a software you can use. Also PROMS is annually held conference you can attend to learn more about the topic.

BestParisa Daftarifard

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On 日, 2012-06-24 at 13:01 +0330, Amir Pakpour wrote:
> Dear All,
> Hi
> I am a beginner in Rasch. Could everyone know how to run the Rasch Model
> Analysis in the MINISTEP? If yes, could you please guide me how to run?

Do you know the expression, RTFM? It means, "Read the fine manual". Read
the manual, read some books, try it out. If you have specific questions,
you can write them here; we will be glad to help with that, but very
general questions like yours are unlikely to get any response.

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