[Rasch] WINSTEP or FACETS for Speaking Rating scales

Mohamad Imanian mohamad_imanian at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 03:10:15 EST 2012

Dear All, 
As I have communicated with the group before, rating scales can be validated by WINSTEP and I have bought the software. Today I encountered a study which used FACETS for validating a speaking rating scale. To give you a preview of the problem
I have a rating scale with seven rating criteria. 5 Judges assess the performnce of the students in the speaking test.
My big question is why some people use FACETS not WINSTEPS although the Winsteps.com (homepage)has suggested WINSTEP for rating scales? It seems I have to sell my WINSTEP and buy a FACET. Right?
Warm Regards 
Mohamad Imanian 
Kashmar Payameh Noor University 
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