[Rasch] WINSTEP or FACETS for Speaking Rating scales

Mike Linacre rmt at rasch.org
Tue Jun 26 07:15:05 EST 2012


To exchange Facets for Winsteps, please email me personally.

For a comparison of Winsteps and Facets, see www.winsteps.com/winfac.htm

Mike Linacre
mike at winsteps.com

At 6/25/2012, you wrote:
>As I have communicated with the group before, rating scales can be 
>validated by WINSTEP and I have bought the software. Today I encountered a 
>study which used FACETS for validating a speaking rating scale. To give 
>you a preview of the problem
>I have a rating scale with seven rating criteria. 5 Judges assess the 
>performnce of the students in the speaking test.
>My big question is why some people use FACETS not WINSTEPS although the 
>Winsteps.com (homepage)has suggested WINSTEP for rating scales? It seems I 
>have to sell my WINSTEP and buy a FACET. Right?

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