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Biserial correlation: Karl Pearson, '"On a New Method of Determining 
Correlation ....", Biornetrika, Vol. VII, pp. 96-105, 1909

Point-biserial correlation: Richardson, M.W. & Stalnaker, J.M. (1933). "A 
note on the use of bi-serial r in test research". Journal of General 
Psychology, 8, 463-465.

Mike L.

At 3/7/2012, you wrote:
>Forgive the non-Rasch question but given the recent flurry of activity I 
>couldn$B!G(Bt resist:
>I've been searching for a good reference/history/formula/definition of the 
>terms "biserial correlation" and "point-biserial correlation" for quite a 
>while. I am aware that the common item(binary)-total(continuous) Pearson's 
>coefficient is often referred to as a point-biserial but I am more 
>interested in a formal definition or historical reference to these terms 
>(biserial and point-biserial). Does anyone have a suggestion for a seminal 
>reference or good overview for these terms?
>Thanks much - John

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