[Rasch] current issues of research in psychometrics?

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Andrew K. wrote: "the most viewed paper online was Cronbach's original 1951 
paper on "Alpha".

Psychometricians are metrologists. Is it the fault of the metrologists when 
their customers use antiquated measuring instruments? Imagine if the most 
viewed paper in a metrology Journal was about "knotted ropes", who would we 
blame? Surely not the manufacturers of laser measuring devices.

Perhaps it is a problem with Psychometrika that it tends to make modern 
measurement methods appear so obscure. My summary of many Psychometrika 
papers is: a good idea,  followed by many pages of obscure algebra, 
finished up with a trivial example.

It is also an unfortunate accident of history that Lee Cronbach 
misunderstood Georg Rasch when they met in 1955 
www.rasch.org/rmt/rmt61c.htm . If Lee Cronbach had understood Georg Rasch's 
methodology, we might now know the Rasch model as Cronbach's Beta model!

Food for thought ...

Mike L.

Mike Linacre
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