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Thomas Salzberger thomas.salzberger at gmail.com
Thu May 17 19:46:12 EST 2012

Exactly Brian.
Many people use "Likert scale" interchangeably with rating scale. That
is a very unfortunate habit.

Worse even is the use of face validity as a synonym of content validity.


2012/5/16 Dates, Brian <BDATES at swsol.org>:
> While I think that Rasch scaling is far superior, I find that what most
> people refer to as Likert scales are really Likert-type scales.  Likert
> actually had a scaling process, while what passes for Likert scaling today
> is frequently a just matter of attaching five or so points to a series of
> response categories, hoping that the outcome has some scale properties…and
> hope is not a strategy.
> Brian
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