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Hi Tom! do you have a paper or document available with your results? It could be of some help for me too.


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I have data from a survey of relatives of persons in long term care and 
a prediction model for extent of known abuse of the persons in care.  I 
did a regular SEM with the data using CFA and the model would not 
converge.  Using Rash as the measurement model the structural model fit 
very very well.  I give you this example to illustrate the point that 
you can get very different SEM results depending on which measurement 
model you use.  Thus it is more than satisfying an editor.  There are 
epistimological issues.


On 9/27/12 12:42 PM, Iasonas Lamprianou wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have spent many years using various Rasch models in order to investigate the unidimensionality of my scales, tests etc, and this list supported me reliably (thank you!). The Rasch model served me faithfully and produced a very descent number of publications over many years. I understand the strengths very well (and some limitations). However, the more I get to know CFA (confirmatory factor analysis), the more I am puzzled as to why and when one should prefer CFA over Rasch (and vice-versa). Please forgive my ignorance. I rest assured that somebody out there will bother to introduce me to some *definitive* (should I say, authoritarian) publications which compare the two and offer a comprehensive answer. Lets say that a reviewer asks me why I prefered one method over another to investigate the unidimensionality of my scale, what should I
> say, what is the "correct" answer? (lets say that this may have happened already!)
> Thank you for your time
> Jason
> Iasonas Lamprianou
> Social and Political Science, University of Cyprus
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