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If they are using factor analysis to "find" the factors they are doing exploratory factor analysis. Confirmatory factor analysis is supposed to start with a theory just like the Rasch model and then estimates parameters and assess the data-model fit. One of the underlying assumptios is that the latent variable is assumed to be normal, for which reason CFA is similar to marginal estimation in Rasch models. There is nothing special about CFA. It's just another model. If we have reasons to prefer the Rasch models to other models there is no reason to look at CFA at all.

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Yes, I know of those who use CFA to find the factors and then subject each factor to RM.
Why? I don't know.
I'd rather start with a theory which describes how the variable should look, and use RM to examine that…

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The only problem I have is should I use factor analysis to find the a-priori dimensions.  I always follow up with a Rasch Analysis.  Two things were left out   The number of types of questions makes a big difference and the culture of the respondents.  With Rasch, this does not seem to be the case to any degree.

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On 9/28/2012 2:16 AM, Bond, Trevor wrote:

Just like fit to the Rasch model...

but real life is not perfect!

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