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The latest issue of the Journal of Applied Measurement (Vol. 13, No. 4) is available.  The contents of this issue are listed below.  If you have not seen the journal, sample copies are available on request.  Sample copies may be requested by e-mail.  Please address those requests to the editor.  If you think that your students would find the work published in JAM useful, we can also arrange for sample copies for your measurement classes.  Contact information for sample copies is listed below.  Please visit our web page at http://www.jampress.org for a complete list of articles published in JAM and the abstracts for the articles listed below.

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Vol. 13, No. 4, Winter 2012

Conditional Pairwise Person Parameter Estimates in Rasch Models
    Svend Kreiner

Examining Rating Quality in Writing Assessment:  Rater Agreement, Error, and Accuracy
    Stefanie A. Wind and George Engelhard, Jr.

Beliefs about Language Development:  Construct Validity Evidence
    Mavis L. Donahue, Qiong Fu, and Everett V. Smith, Jr.

Concurrent Validation of CHIRP, a New Instrument for Measuring Healthcare Student Attitudes
 towards Interdisciplinary Teamwork
    David Hollar, Cherri Hobgood, Beverly Foster, Marco Aleman, and Susan Sawning

Using Extended Rasch Models to Assess Validity of Diagnostic Tests in the Presence of a Reference Standard
    Vivian Viallon, Emmanuel Ecosse, Mounir Mesbah, Jacques Pouchot, and Joel Coste

Measuring Work Stress among Correctional Staff:  A Rasch Measurement Approach
    George E. Higgins, Richard Tewksbury, and Andrew Denney

A Rasch Measure of Teachers' Views of Teacher-Student Relationships in the Primary School
    Natalie Leitão and Russell F. Waugh

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