[Rasch] International Objective Measurement Workshop's 17th biennial conference

Mark Moulton markhmoulton at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 18:00:36 EST 2013

Dear Rasch Colleagues,

The International Objective Measurement Workshop (IOMW) conference planning
committee announces the 17th biennial international conference, and a *call
for papers*, on the theme:

*"Democratizing Measurement"*

Mark the dates now!

Workshops on Monday, May 31, 2014
Conference on Tuesday, April 1 -- Wednesday, April 2, 2014

(Immediately preceding AERA and NCME)

Hilton Garden Inn, Philadelphia
1100 Arch Street,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107

*Details, Registration, and Paper/Presentation Guidelines*

(Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page!)

As the organizer for 2014, I feel a need to say some personal words about
this conference.  The IOMW has always occupied an odd and precious role in
my professional life.  It is the closest thing to a "Rasch home" that I
know, perhaps the oldest continuous venue of the Rasch community.  It
doesn't feel like a industry conference, nor even an academic or scientific
conference.  It is where individuals from a variety of Rasch schools --
schools centered in Europe, Australia, Chicago, Colorado, Berkeley, Hong
Kong, and elsewhere -- share a passion for a certain way of looking at the
world.  It is composed of practitioners, academics, theorists,
philosophers, cranks, and warriors.  That a mere "methodology", a *probability
model*, should evoke these kinds of passions, attract this diversity of
individuals, is odd to say the least.

I want to be honest here.  IOMW and the Rasch community feel somewhat
marginal to me now.  The trends of the last decade or so have been against
us.  The crowning idea of our community -- specific objectivity -- seems to
have gotten lost in the fog somehow.  It should be ubiquitous.  In an
effort to reclaim the centrality and importance of Rasch's core ideas, we
in the IOMW organizing committee have been thinking hard about how to
expand, clarify, and deepen the subject matter of our community

As you peruse the IOMW registration website and primary website, you will
see that we are opening the workshop to a range of papers, topics, and
formats that may seem new, though they are not.  If you ever suppressed
ideas relating to the practice, theory, and philosophy of measurement, or
because you felt your applications, constructs, or theories were outside
the mainstream of our community, this is the conference -- maybe the only
conference -- where you will have a chance to break out of the bubble.
 There will be no parallel sessions, no speaking to an empty room.

If you have drifted away from IOMW over the years, I ask you to give it
another look.  I ask you to invite friends and colleagues who are on the
edge of our community.  I and the other members of the organizing committee
are extremely interested in figuring out what IOMW needs, and what Rasch
modeling wants to be, over the next decade or so.

We look forward to the pleasure of your company next April.

Yours Truly,

Mark H. Moulton (lead 2014 organizer)
with Jade Caines, Brent Duckor, Stefanie Sebok, Gregory Stone, and Richard
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