[Rasch] International Objective Measurement Workshop's 17th biennial conference

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Dear Rasch Colleagues,

A quick correction:  the workshops are on *March 31, 2014*, the day before
the conference, not May!

Mark Moulton

On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 1:00 AM, Mark Moulton <markhmoulton at gmail.com>wrote:

> Dear Rasch Colleagues,
> The International Objective Measurement Workshop (IOMW) conference
> planning committee announces the 17th biennial international conference,
> and a *call for papers*, on the theme:
> *"Democratizing Measurement"*
> Mark the dates now!
> *When*
> Workshops on Monday, May 31, 2014
> Conference on Tuesday, April 1 -- Wednesday, April 2, 2014
> (Immediately preceding AERA and NCME)
> *Where*
> Hilton Garden Inn, Philadelphia
> 1100 Arch Street,
> Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107
> *Details, Registration, and Paper/Presentation Guidelines*
> http://iomw2014.eventbrite.com/
> (Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page!)
> As the organizer for 2014, I feel a need to say some personal words about
> this conference.  The IOMW has always occupied an odd and precious role in
> my professional life.  It is the closest thing to a "Rasch home" that I
> know, perhaps the oldest continuous venue of the Rasch community.  It
> doesn't feel like a industry conference, nor even an academic or scientific
> conference.  It is where individuals from a variety of Rasch schools --
> schools centered in Europe, Australia, Chicago, Colorado, Berkeley, Hong
> Kong, and elsewhere -- share a passion for a certain way of looking at the
> world.  It is composed of practitioners, academics, theorists,
> philosophers, cranks, and warriors.  That a mere "methodology", a *probability
> model*, should evoke these kinds of passions, attract this diversity of
> individuals, is odd to say the least.
> I want to be honest here.  IOMW and the Rasch community feel somewhat
> marginal to me now.  The trends of the last decade or so have been against
> us.  The crowning idea of our community -- specific objectivity -- seems to
> have gotten lost in the fog somehow.  It should be ubiquitous.  In an
> effort to reclaim the centrality and importance of Rasch's core ideas, we
> in the IOMW organizing committee have been thinking hard about how to
> expand, clarify, and deepen the subject matter of our community
> interactions.
> As you peruse the IOMW registration website and primary website, you will
> see that we are opening the workshop to a range of papers, topics, and
> formats that may seem new, though they are not.  If you ever suppressed
> ideas relating to the practice, theory, and philosophy of measurement, or
> because you felt your applications, constructs, or theories were outside
> the mainstream of our community, this is the conference -- maybe the only
> conference -- where you will have a chance to break out of the bubble.
>  There will be no parallel sessions, no speaking to an empty room.
> If you have drifted away from IOMW over the years, I ask you to give it
> another look.  I ask you to invite friends and colleagues who are on the
> edge of our community.  I and the other members of the organizing committee
> are extremely interested in figuring out what IOMW needs, and what Rasch
> modeling wants to be, over the next decade or so.
> We look forward to the pleasure of your company next April.
> Yours Truly,
> Mark H. Moulton (lead 2014 organizer)
> with Jade Caines, Brent Duckor, Stefanie Sebok, Gregory Stone, and Richard
> Smith
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