[Rasch] First order factor model and Multidimensional Rasch model

Purya Baghaei puryabaghaei at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 16:03:10 EST 2013

Dear Colleagues,
Is it possible to build higher order models (as in confirmatory factor
analysis) with a multidimensional Rasch model (as implemented in
My test structure has one higher order factor and several first order factors.

If I build a within-item multidimensional model with an overall
ability dimension (on which all items load) and several specific
ability dimensions and set the specific dimensions orthogonal to each
other but let them correlate with the general ability dimension will
that be equivalent to the first order factor model in CFA?

This means that the specific factors have both commonalities and
uniqueness. The commonalities are captured by the target dimension and
their uniqueness is emphasized by their orthogonality to each other.


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