[Rasch] sample size in Facet

Parisa Daftari Fard pdaftaryfard at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 1 08:50:20 EST 2013

Dear Rasch Experts,
In facet help the sample size is defined as "Estimates which are likely to have some degree of stability across samples require at least 30 observations per
element, and at least 10 observations per rating-scale category."
in a model of rater-examinee-task, does it mean that examinee should be at least 30 and rater 2 so 2multiplied by 30 means 60 observation per rating scale?
is it possible to do viser versa as having 30 raters and 2 examinees?
I do highly appreciate your kind suggestion beforehand.
Best regards,
Parisa Daftarifard
Phd Candidate of TEFL
IAU, Science and Research Branch
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