[Rasch] Rasch analysis of mean scores

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Dear all, 

thanks a lot! 
I was just wondering if parts of the Rasch analysis are based on or include the sum score of all items for calculations (e.g. DIF analysis). And as we will not use the sum score to evaluate if a person is more or less able (we will use the mean score) I was not sure if the use of the mean score then might cause problems. But I think Trevor's response already answered my question.


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Rasch methodology can linearize mean scores: 

Mean scores can be Rasch-analyzed as ratings on super-items provided that we have replications, such as mean scores by different ethnic groups on the same instrument in different years.

What are your mean scores, Veronika?

Mike L.

You wrote: I'd like to perform a Rasch analysis on mean scores, and I was wondering if this works as well as on sum scores . What problems might arise? Do you know a good paper on it?

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