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Thanks, Jack!  

We all appreciate your efforts to support Rasch conferences.

I now have a contract with the Avenue Crown Plaza hotel in Chicago for two meeting rooms for the conference.  With all of the meeting room and AV costs, the two days will be approximately $4500.  That works out to $75 per person if 60 people attend.  There is no food included in that cost.  We would welcome any contribution that you would like to make to the effort.  We will certainly list you as a sponsor, or anything else that might help with taxes.  The food services are external to the hotel and I do not have costs, but I can get that information if you would like to consider that as an option.

Looking forward to this meeting.  Nick and I both feel we are at an important point in health outcomes measurement and it is a good point to refocus on Rasch measurement. Hopefully publishing presentations in JAM will help us attract quality presentations.

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> MM would like to support you in this effort with attendance and cash.
> Thanks for taking this on!   Jack
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> > Now that AERA/NCME and IOMW are past, I noticed that AERA is scheduled to be in Chicago next April 16 to 20, 2015, for their annual meeting. Given this location and the historic role that Chicago has played in the development of outcome measurement, it might be a good opportunity to organize a health outcomes conference in Chicago around that time in spring 2015. Chicago is a very busy convention city and hotel rates for the three days prior to AERA are sky high due to the presence of the Health Information and Management Systems Society meeting just before AERA. Fortunately, right after AERA, there is less pressure on hotel costs, so the dates of April 21 and 22, 2015 look like the best opportunity to organize a conference.
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> > Some of you may remember the three International Outcome Measurement Conferences (IOMC) that we held in Chicago back in the 90's (1996, 1998, and 2000). It would be a nice to revive that tradition again. JAM is willing to organize the conference. We have contacted a Michigan Ave. hotel with space to accommodate a meeting of about 50 people and would like to reserve that space, if there is sufficient interest. It is possible to expand into a second room if there is sufficient interest.  The cost of the meeting space would be modest, about $40 per person for the two days, without food.
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> > I would like to think of this as a "state of the art" conference with the goal of publishing two issues of JAM from the presentations at conference. Presenters would have to agree to provide publication-ready copy at the time of the meeting, so begin peer review and publish the issues in late 2015. Recall that JAM is indexed in PUB MED and Index Medicus, so the presentations/articles would be widely available. I think it would be very fitting to reconvene IOMC in Chicago in recognition of the ground breaking work that began with Ben in Chicago and has grown world-wide since the 1980's.
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> > Please feel free to share this e-mail with any interested colleagues and please share your thoughts with the members of the list serve. Volunteers, who would like to be part of an organizing committee and develop a call for papers, should contact me at editor at jampress.org.
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