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Thanks Thomas,
Or, do we have genuine  tension between Rasch scientists, which is made public because of the political implications?

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Dear Trevor,

Of course, I agree. As I said earlier, it is one of the Rasch world's great virtues being able to discuss such issues, sometimes fiercely.
List serve, conferences and journals are the suitable arena. Holding up fundamental principles comes at a price.
Avoiding such debates by trying to describe data no matter what the data really look like is the easy way out. This is not an option we want to make use of.
Hence discussions ...

I also believe Rasch will survive.

I am less convinced that some discussions going on in public media are particularly helpful. There is the tension between politics and science. And as a consequence there might be conflict of interest as well.
My point was we'd better not transfer the conflicts of the politics-science sort to the Rasch world.
Yes, Rasch will survive, but mere survival is not what I think we should accept. Rasch can do much better.

You also speak of resolution. Yes, this is what we should aim for. From a distance, I often just cannot see any resolution. But maybe I simply have to be more patient.


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Surely a Rasch measurement list serve is EXACTLY where those differences should be aired and discussed. Hopefully to some sort of resolution.

I remember rather acrimonious claims and counter claims about the PCM as well. Some of those were made in large public forum. The Rasch model and its adherents managed to survive that.

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