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We have always shown things like range of possible ranks, standard errors and so on. We've also reported the effects of item selection and all data collected is publicly accessible for others to scrutinise.

Morrison dismisses all latent variable models kreiner says throw away everything that doesn't fit rasch perfectly and Goldstein says we throw away too much

Oh, and the comments about plausible values are just statistical naïveté, believe them and NAEP would have to be scrapped as would any statistical methods that use montecarlo estimation, the theory of which was regarded as sound last time I looked.

I love this criticism, it shows pisa is important. Putting energy into criticising it is good, I just wish genuine problems were uncovered and addressed. Goldstein does best on that front, I too would love longitudinal components and more finer grained analyses of subsets of items


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Thanks, T.

That article, and the comments following it, suggest to me that PISA results should be reported as box-and-whisker plots, not rankings. Then every country could choose to be at the top of its own whisker ....

Or perhaps PISA already do this??

Mike Linacre

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