[Rasch] Plain language articles about DIF interpretation issues?

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Dear Imogene,
A special issue of the journal Medical Care (Nov 2006, vol 44 Suppl 3 11) was devoted to the topic of DIF.  There are lots of useful articles in it, and the ones by Teresi and commentaries by Hambleton and Borsboom are relatively light on formulae.



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Dear All,

I am looking for some plain language articles about the complexity around identifying (true) DIF . I've been reading (Everett?) Smith's chapter in "Introduction to Rasch Measurement " edited by same and I have a bare grasp of the issues presented. I was hoping someone could recommend a few review articles or chapters that could clarify and expand on the issues he raises and conclusions made, especially with respect to the argument that sometimes items that appear neutral after a DIF  analysis may actually be biased. I don't have a degree in mathematics..am much better with words ;-) , so am trying to look for articles that have a smattering rather than a littering of formulae to make the point.



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