[Rasch] One partial-credit item or multiple dichotomous items?

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Stuart. I think in the last question, you answered how to do it. There is a dependence and it is a logical, deterministic dependence, hence it should be scored as partial credit, not two independent responses. I am reminded, and the analogy is useful I think of an item in health outcomes of quality of life: item A - Can you walk X metres, Item B can you walk X+a metres. Clearly if you can walk X+a you can walk X - the dependence is logical and deterministic. Therefore, this is a single item with partial credit scoring, not two independent items.
Hope this helps

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Hello Fellow Raschies, I'm working on a test with some partial-credit items. The coding is something like 0: Did not understand at all; 1: 
Understood incompletely; 2: Understood completely.
I'm debating with the test developers about whether to make these individual items scored {0, 1, 2} or two dichotomous items: item 1: 
understood at least partially; item 2: understood completely. Is there an advantage to using one or the other approach?
Also, if we go with the two-dichotomous-item approach, how should the second item be scored if the student did not understand the question at all? That is, does it make a difference if the two items are scored 0, 0; or 0, omitted?

Stuart Luppescu
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