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Thank you Tom 

You mean that alpha gives a clearer picture of the test function. The article says (I came across many articles on Dynamic assessment like this) 

In this study, three types of number concept achievement
tests (pre-test, parallel test, and post-test) were developed for
each age group. Each test consists of 10 sub-areas with 20
items total (See Table 3).
To make these test items, the face and content validity and
split-half reliability were examined. To establish the content
and face validity, a series of interviews were conducted with a
professor, 5 graduate level students majoring in educational
measurement and evaluation, a kindergarten principal, and 3
kindergarten teachers who have more than 3 years of
experiences. In addition, a pilot test for each test was
conducted to check the appropriateness of hints, item
difficulties, test validities, etc.

Split half revised are reported as below 
Pre-test 0.73               and 0.75
Parallel-test 0.82          and  0.63
Post-test 0.78                 and  0.83

The first column is the Split half for 4 year old children and the second column is for 5 years old 


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 Parisa,  I don't
 know the answer to your specific question.  But I do 
 know that split half reliability is a bogus
 measure.  It tells you 
 nothing that is not
 contained in the variance.  I recommend you not use 
 it unless a journal requires it.
 5/22/15 4:39 AM, Parisa Daftari Fard wrote:
 > Dear Friends,
 > I apologize to interrupt the ongoing
 discussion. I have been reading articles on dynamic
 assessment. One facial difference between such papers and
 others is that they reported split half reliability instead
 of Alpha. Is this due to the fact that DA is half NRT and
 Half CRT? I appreciate it if you help me with your incisive
 suggestion and readings.
 > Cordially yours
 > Parisa
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