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Hi, Linjun.
Ben was truly an exceptional person.  I have never met anyone quite like him.  Indeed, we all miss him, and like goes on without him.  
Ben now sits in the pantheon of scientists and scholars.  Future generations will come to appreciate his significance.
My best wishes to you in your work.

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It is sad to hear Ben’s passing even it is not a complete surprise.  What you said about Ben is the best we can say and definitely reflects what I want to say. 
 Ben’s influence on my thinking and life is enormous.  He is one of the few people in my life that I will never forget.  I cannot say I understand the complexity of his personality fully.  But I feel when I am getting older, I understand more.  A few months
 ago, John Kim of Malaysia and Filimon got a chance to see Ben in Chicago.  I am sure Ben was happy.
Take care,

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Dear Rasch measurement colleagues:
I need to inform you of much sadness surrounding Ben Wright.  Ben died last Sunday evening.  My understanding is Ben's family was with him, and his passing was peaceful.
While we mourn this loss of a truly remarkable scientist and philosopher, many of you will also remember Ben as spiritual leader.  He had an unusual capacity to transcend the
 routine and mundane, while striking forth with his beliefs of importance and significance.  With an infectious capacity to inspire and motivate those around him, Ben led a remarkable life of scientific achievement.  Much that he accomplished remains decades
 ahead of the conventional mainstream.
While this loss concludes the final chapter of Ben's life, a responsibility to continue his story of science and achievement now falls on us.  It is now our turn to step forward
 and take the ideas and concepts that he wielded so famously, and in a tribute to Ben's inspiration demonstrate their enduring significance.
I have been informed by Ben's family that funeral memorial services will not be conducted.  Therefore, your occasion for commemoration must be personal.  Of course, I have extended
 our condolences to Ben's family.
With profound sadness,
Nikolaus Bezruczko 


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