[Rasch] rating scale and/or partial credit? or my wrong hunch?

Shirin Shirazi shirin.shirazi at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 05:58:20 AEST 2015

Dear List Members,

First, after a week of hard work, I would say "great job". Have a memorable

Then, I doubt that is there any possibility to Rasch-analyze essays
considering both rating scale and partial credit? See, I have not recently
looked at Test of written English (TOEFL iBT) scoring which is reported
0-30 in range but actually it has also some qualitatively-based rubrics:
1-16 limited 17-23 fair and 24-30 good. When it comes to Facets, is it
alright to take it as a major facet, say ratings, then naming them R30,
limited  A, fair, B, and good, C or is it OK to write just the model, R30;
observations are ratings in range 0-30 without further elaboration?

Something that is baffling is they are not items with the total of 30;
besides, they are scales since they are ranging between 0-5 then scaled
into 0-30; then they are divided into three different bands: limited, fair,

Your comments are highly welcome.In advance, I appreciate your invaluable
comments as always have been .

Great Regards,

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