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Dear Kathleen,
You want person measures on a two item test where each item has 9 ordered response categories?
If that's it, then that's it.

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I will appreciate anyone's advice on how to construct a composite measure in Winsteps for 2 items I am working with.  Each item consists of a 9 point scale with 4 labels and midpoints for beginning, progressing, increasing, and advancing, language skills.  My approach was to simply sum the two item measures, and then convert the scores to logit measures for my HLM analysis. My main obstacle is that I am not sure how to set up a control file for essentially an 18 point scale with no labels (how do I tell Winsteps to read scores as double digits 01 - 18?  I will appreciate anyone's advice on setting up a control file, and on any other approach they might suggest to construct a composite measure using Winsteps.

Thanks for the advice,

Kathleen Parkinson
Research Analyst
Center for Urban Education Leadership
University of Illinois at Chicago
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