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#yiv6122014538 #yiv6122014538 -- DIV {margin:0px;}#yiv6122014538 In my uniformed opinion, the nosier the items the larger the item sample size would be needed. Item mean score with large SE would be signal.  There is something withing Rasch that does this most likely

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Dear List Members,

Good day. I have a question and I wonder if you can afford some time to read and respond. But please take it from a person who does not know the ropes of MFRM.

 If we assume the model is item and sample independent, then does it matter if we have a very limited sample size with limited related facets to run Rasch model? I mean have the minimum and maximum number of facets (examinees, items, examiners, etc) been determined the violation of which hinders us from running the program. For example, two raters, 10 testees, a 15-item questionnaire?

I would be mostly appreciative of your kind response to my question. 

Shirin Shirazi
PhD in Applied Linguistics

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